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WinFPT and fpt Academic Licences

Academic licences are available for non-commenrcial use. fpt is licensed separately to each academic user. Licences are valid for 1 year, and a small annual charge of £63.00 GBP (about $99.00 USD) plus applicable taxes (See below) is made to contibute to the costs of software development and maintenance.

If you would like to use fpt, please:

  1. Download fpt, request an evaluation licence at the download page, install it and verify that it will process your code. Please contact SimCon if you encounter problems. No charge is made for the evaluation licence.

  2. Complete the Licence Request Form.

  3. Complete payment for the licence through PayPal.

A temporary licence will be e-mailed automatically, and SimCon will e-mail a licence for 1 year within 2 working days.


Perpetual Industrial and Site Licences

Please contact SimCon if you would like to arrange these.


Licensing Policy

All WinFPT and FPT licences are issued subject to the SimCon licensing policy. Licences allow the use of both WinFPT and of FPT on all supported hosts.

Please note that the WinFPT and FPT software may be moved freely between computers and may be installed on any supported host, but may be used only by the number of licensed users. For multi-user site licences, note that the number of users is the number of individuals who will use WinFPT and FPT during any one month.


Software Support

WinFPT and FPT are supported for one year from the date of issue without further charge. Annual Software Support Contracts are available for perpetual licences at 20% of the licence price current at the date of renewal. Please contact SimCon to arrange for support.


Applicable Taxes

SimCon is required to charge VAT at the UK rate of 20% on all purchases made within the European Union. No taxes are applicable to purchases made in the USA or in other countries outside the EU.

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