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fpt - Reports for Documentation of Fortran Programs

fpt generates reports for program documentation.
Please click on the report titles to see examples and on the fpt commands to see the reference manual pages.

Report fpt Command Description
Code Metrics SHOW METRICS The numbers of files, lines, sub-programs, comments etc. and the cyclomatic complexities.
File List: SHOW FILES The list of files which make up the program.
Include Tree SHOW INCLUDE TREE The organisation and nesting of INCLUDE files.
Program List SHOW PROGRAMS The programs in the project, showing the sub-programs and files required to build them.
Shared Memory Interfaces SHOW SHARED MEMORY INTERFACES The data flow between programs through shared memory.
Sub-program List SHOW SUB-PROGRAMS The sub-programs in the project, showing the arguments.
Sub-program Interfaces SHOW SUB-PROGRAM INTERFACES The sub-programs, showing the arguments and shared memory interfaces.
Module Tree SHOW MODULE TREE The USE dependencies between files and Fortran modules.
Call Structure SHOW CALL STRUCTURE The call relationships of each executable sub-program and the call tree.
Missing Sub-programs SHOW MISSING SUB-PROGRAMS Sub-programs which are referenced in the code but have not been read by FPT.
Symbol Table SHOW SYMBOLS User-defined symbols for the entire program, optionally filtered by attributes.
COMMON Block Listing: COMMON BLOCK LISTING Objects in COMMON blocks, organised in address order.
Symbol Lives SHOW LIVES The independent lives of the symbols.
Kind List SHOW KINDS The data kinds used and, for each, the number of variables and literal values, tagged and un-tagged.
Logical Units SHOW LOGICAL UNITS The logical units used in the code and the numbers of each class of associated I/O statement.
CPP Macro List SHOW CPP MACROS The CPP macros used and the macro definitions.
Resource Listing SHOW RESOURCES The program size and the FPT resources required.

Diagnostic reports are also generated by the quality assurance checks, which show inconsistencies in sub-program arguments, memory usage, data initialisation and related issues. Please see Quality Assurance for descriptions of the checks carried out.

The script all_reports.fsp in the main fpt installation directory, FPTMAIN:, generates all of the standard reports and carries out all of the standard checks in a single pass. Invoke it by the command:

$ fpt your_project.fsp FPTMAIN:all_reports.fsp


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