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fpt and WinFPT Release Notes

If you have a current maintenance contract or your licence is less than one year old please download new versions of fpt and WinFPT to extend and update your installations.

Download the New Versions

fpt Versions 4.1-d and 4.1-e

Mac OS

fpt version 4.1-d has been built experimentally for Mac OS. Please contact SimCon if you would like to use this version.

New and Revised Commands

fpt Version 4.1-c

WRF Regression Tests

DEC$ Compiler Directives

Optional Compilation Comment Delimiters

Commands used in Migration

Other Changes

fpt and WinFPT Version 4.0-q

Correction of Errors in fpt

Checks Carried Out by fpt

fpt and WinFPT Versions 4.0-m to 4.0-p

Fortran Language

Correction of Errors in fpt

Control of fpt

fpt and WinFPT Version 4.0-l

Fortran Language

fpt and WinFPT Version 4.0-k

Control of fpt

fpt and WinFPT Version 4.0-j

Fortran Language

Interactive use of fpt

Re-engineering Commands

fpt and WinFPT Versions 4.0-h to 4.0-i

Fortran Language

fpt and WinFPT Versions 4.0-a to 4.0-g

Fortran Language

New Features

fpt and WinFPT Versions 3.8-* and 3.9-*

Fortran Language

New Features

fpt and WinFPT Version 3.7-m

New Commands and Features

Changes to Code QA Checks and Analyses

Bugs and Error Corrections

WinFPT and fpt Version 3.7-d

Hosts - Windows 7

WinFPT version 3,7-d runs under Windows 7. Microsoft changed some aspects of he Windows registry between Windows Vista and Windows 7, The result was that a number of applications, including WinFPT 3.7-c, would not run. WinFPT 3.7-d does not use the registry features affected.

Fortran Language

Systematic Code Changes

WinFPT and fpt Version 3.7-a

Fortran Language


and module a is used by module b, which contains an interface


the two overloads are both applied within module b or when module b is referenced in a USE statement.

Systematic Code Modification

Checks and Reports

INTEGER :: ia(0:10) : : ia(0:)=0

The spurious report occurred at the reference to ia(0:). This has been corrected.

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