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The Projects Illustrated
Space Shuttle

Members of SimCon assisted the real-time design simulation of components of the Space Shuttle main engine and the robot arm. We have also worked on satellite design and large space structures.

Airbus (A380)

FPT is in use at Airbus to verify structures design code. SimCon gratefully acknowledge the help of CSC staff at Airbus Filton in testing the static analysis code for physical units and dimensions.

Weather - Hurricane and Tornado

SimCon are currently analysing some of the major codes used in climate research, in particular, codes which model and predict the effects of global warming.

Radio Telescopes - The Hartebeesthoek and KAT Dishes

SimCon has analysed image processing codes in support of the Karoo Array Telescope (KAT) project, and our associates, IQS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. have an important role in KAT. It is hoped that the research on FPGA programming will be applied in the project.

Tracking Radar - The Monopulse Radars at The Denel Overberg Test Range (DOTR)

SimCon collaborated with DOTR to re-host the tracking radar software. This is by far the largest and most sophisticated Gould-Sel system which we have ever encountered.


SimCon have taken part in re-hosting two helicopter simulators at different establishments in the UK, and in blade element modelling on a third in the USA.

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