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SimCon Licensing Policy
SimCon Licensing Policy for WinFPT and FPT
WinFPT and FPT are licensed to the group of users at a site who will use the software. The number of users for whom licences are required is considered to be the number who will use WinFPT and FPT during any one month. No distinction is made between concurrent and consecutive use, and no distinction is made between the use of WinFPT and of FPT. This decision has been made because:
  • FPT runs very fast in batch mode. A single concurrent licence could therefore support a large site and the licence fee would then need to be prohibitively high for individual users;

  • Some of the functions performed by WinFPT and FPT are more effectively carried out interactively. Licensing by concurrent usage discourages interactive use. It is not compatible with the aims of a quality assurance product to license it in a way which discourages good quality assurance practice.

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