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Sector7 are the world experts in software migration from VMS to Linux and Unix. Sector7 and SimCon have worked together for nearly 20 years on VMS migration projects and have successfully migrated many tens of millions of lines of VMS Fortran code.

Sector7's work in VMS migration has been of great importance in three areas:

IQS Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

SimCon has a long-standing and close relationship with IQS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. in Simon's Town, South Africa. IQS and SimCon collaborated on the migration of a major real-time radar control system, and IQS also has an important rôle in the Karoo Array Telescope (KAT) project.

David Flower Ltd.

SimCon works with David Flower Ltd. in research in the automatic analysis of physical units and dimensions in Fortran codes. The current activity is to instrument the Fortran code and to track the relationships between units and dimensions at run-time.

SimCon and David Flower Ltd. also work together in QA auditing of codes and migration of code from legacy systems.

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