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fpt - Example Report: CPP Macros

The report shows the CPP macros used in a program. CPP macros may be defined in the program code or in the fpt project (.fsp) files. The macros __LINE__ and __FILE__ are always defined.

The fpt command to generate the report is:


CPP Macros ========== Macro: ARG Definitions: ARG ARG ARG ARG Macro: ARGS Definitions: ARGS NF_FLOAT,Count,Data ARGS NF_INT,Count,Data ARGS NF_DOUBLE,Count,Data ARGS NF_INT,Count,Buffer ARGS len_trim(Data),Data ARGS len_trim(Data),trim(Data) Macro: BENCH_END Definitions: BENCH_END BENCH_END BENCH_END Macro: BENCH_INIT Definitions: BENCH_INIT Macro: BENCH_REPORT Definitions: BENCH_REPORT Macro: BENCH_START Definitions: BENCH_START BENCH_START BENCH_START Macro: BOUNDARY_STREAM Definitions: BOUNDARY_STREAM (2*(MAX_HISTORY)+1) Macro: CACHE_FRIENDLY_MP_ETANEW Definitions: CACHE_FRIENDLY_MP_ETANEW Macro: CACHE_FRIENDLY_MP_ETAOLD Definitions: CACHE_FRIENDLY_MP_ETAOLD Macro: CHAR_TYPE Definitions: CHAR_TYPE CHAR_TYPE CHAR_TYPE CHAR_TYPE Macro: COAMPS_CORE Definitions: COAMPS_CORE 0 Macro: CONFIG_BUF_LEN Definitions: CONFIG_BUF_LEN 65536 Macro: COPY Definitions: COPY Data(1:min(Len,Count)) = Buffer(1:min(Len,Count)) COPY Data(1:min(Len,Count)) = Buffer(1:min(Len,Count))==1 COPY Data(1:min(XLen,Count)) = Buffer(1:min(XLen,Count)) COPY Data(1:min(Len1,Count)) = Buffer(1:min(Len1,Count)) COPY Data(1:min(XLen,Count)) = Buffer(1:min(XLen,Count))==1 COPY Data(1:min(Len1,Count)) = Buffer(1:min(Len1,Count))==1 COPY Macro: COPY_IN Definitions: Macro: COPY_OUT Definitions: Macro: DA_CORE Definitions: DA_CORE 0 Macro: DEBUG Definitions: Macro: DEBUG_LVL Definitions: DEBUG_LVL 500 DEBUG_LVL 50 Macro: DEBUG_OUT Definitions: DEBUG_OUT DEBUG_OUT DEBUG_OUT DEBUG_OUT Macro: DEBUG_PRINT Definitions: DEBUG_PRINT Macro: DEST_RECORD Definitions: DEST_RECORD model_config_rec % DEST_RECORD grid_config_rec % DEST_RECORD grid % Macro: DFIELD Definitions: DFIELD XField(1:di,XDEX(i,k,j)) DFIELD XField(1:di,XDEX(i,j,k)) DFIELD XField(1:di,XDEX(j,i,k)) DFIELD XField(1:di,XDEX(k,i,j)) DFIELD XField(1:di,XDEX(j,k,i)) DFIELD XField(1:di,XDEX(k,j,i)) Macro: DM_BCAST_INTEGER Definitions: DM_BCAST_INTEGER CALL wrf_dm_bcast_integer ( $1 , 1 ) Macro: DM_BCAST_MACRO Definitions: DM_BCAST_MACRO CALL wrf_dm_bcast_bytes ( $1 , size ( $1 ) * r8 ) DM_BCAST_MACRO CALL wrf_dm_bcast_bytes ( $1 , size ( $1 ) * RWORDSIZE ) Macro: DM_BCAST_REAL Definitions: DM_BCAST_REAL CALL wrf_dm_bcast_real ( $1 , 1 ) Macro: DWORDSIZE Definitions: DWORDSIZE 8 Macro: EM_CORE Definitions: EM_CORE 1 Macro: ERROR_TEST Definitions: ERROR_TEST IF( $1 $2 $3 )THEN;WRITE(mess,'(3A4)')'$1','$2','$3';CALL WRF_ERROR_FATAL(mess);ENDIF Macro: ESMF_MACROS_INC Definitions: ESMF_MACROS_INC ESMF_MACROS_INC ESMF_MACROS_INC ESMF_MACROS_INC ESMF_MACROS_INC ESMF_MACROS_INC ESMF_MACROS_INC ESMF_MACROS_INC ESMF_MACROS_INC Macro: ESMF_SRCLINE Definitions: ESMF_SRCLINE __FILE__, __LINE__ Macro: ESMF_TimeMgr_INC Definitions: ESMF_TimeMgr_INC ESMF_TimeMgr_INC ESMF_TimeMgr_INC ESMF_TimeMgr_INC ESMF_TimeMgr_INC ESMF_TimeMgr_INC ESMF_TimeMgr_INC ESMF_TimeMgr_INC ESMF_TimeMgr_INC Macro: EXP_CORE Definitions: EXP_CORE 0 Macro: FERRIER_GFDL Definitions: FERRIER_GFDL Macro: FRSTELEM Definitions: FRSTELEM Macro: FSEEKO64_OK Definitions: FSEEKO64_OK Macro: GRIB1 Definitions: GRIB1 Macro: HISTORY_STREAM Definitions: HISTORY_STREAM 0 Macro: HOURS_PER_DAY Definitions: HOURS_PER_DAY 24_ESMF_KIND_I8 Macro: IMTE Definitions: IMTE ite+1 Macro: IMTS Definitions: IMTS its-1 Macro: INPUT_STREAM Definitions: INPUT_STREAM ((HISTORY_STREAM)+(MAX_HISTORY)) Macro: INTIO Definitions: INTIO Macro: IO_MASK_SIZE Definitions: IO_MASK_SIZE ((MAX_STREAMS)/(IWORDSIZE*8)+1) Macro: IWORDSIZE Definitions: IWORDSIZE 4 Macro: JFCELLS Definitions: JFCELLS (jte-jts+1)*fuel_left_jrl Macro: JMTE Definitions: JMTE jte+1 Macro: JMTS Definitions: JMTS jts-1 Macro: KM_TO_DEGREES Definitions: KM_TO_DEGREES 360. / (2. * PI * WRF_EARTH_RADIUS) Macro: LENGTH Definitions: LENGTH Count LENGTH len(Data) LENGTH min(Count,Len1) LENGTH Len1 Macro: LIMIT_ARGS Definitions: LIMIT_ARGS Macro: LOG Definitions: LOG LOG LOG Macro: LSMRUC_DBG_LVL Definitions: LSMRUC_DBG_LVL 3000 Macro: LWORDSIZE Definitions: LWORDSIZE 4 Macro: MAX_ALARMS Definitions: MAX_ALARMS (2*(25)+10) MAX_ALARMS (2*(MAX_HISTORY)+10) Macro: MAX_DOMAINS_F Definitions: MAX_DOMAINS_F 21 Macro: MAX_HISTORY Definitions: MAX_HISTORY 25 Macro: MAX_STREAMS Definitions: MAX_STREAMS (2*(MAX_HISTORY)+2) Macro: MM5_SINT Definitions: MM5_SINT Macro: NAMELIST_READ_UNIT Definitions: NAMELIST_READ_UNIT nml_read_unit Macro: NAMELIST_WRITE_UNIT Definitions: NAMELIST_WRITE_UNIT nml_write_unit Macro: NETCDF Definitions: NETCDF Macro: NEW_BDYS Definitions: NEW_BDYS Macro: NF_ROUTINE Definitions: NF_ROUTINE NF_GET_ATT_REAL NF_ROUTINE NF_GET_ATT_INT NF_ROUTINE NF_GET_ATT_DOUBLE NF_ROUTINE NF_PUT_ATT_REAL NF_ROUTINE NF_PUT_ATT_INT NF_ROUTINE NF_PUT_ATT_DOUBLE NF_ROUTINE NF_PUT_ATT_TEXT NF_ROUTINE NF_PUT_VARA_REAL NF_ROUTINE NF_PUT_VARA_DOUBLE NF_ROUTINE NF_PUT_VARA_INT NF_ROUTINE NF_PUT_VARA_TEXT NF_ROUTINE NF_GET_VARA_REAL NF_ROUTINE NF_GET_VARA_DOUBLE NF_ROUTINE NF_GET_VARA_INT NF_ROUTINE NF_GET_ATT_TEXT NF_ROUTINE NF_GET_VARA_TEXT Macro: NF_TYPE Definitions: NF_TYPE NF_FLOAT NF_TYPE NF_INT NF_TYPE NF_DOUBLE NF_TYPE NF_CHAR Macro: NL_get_ROUTINES Definitions: NL_get_ROUTINES NL_get_ROUTINES NL_get_ROUTINES NL_get_ROUTINES NL_get_ROUTINES NL_get_ROUTINES NL_get_ROUTINES NL_get_ROUTINES NL_get_ROUTINES Macro: NL_set_ROUTINES Definitions: NL_set_ROUTINES NL_set_ROUTINES NL_set_ROUTINES NL_set_ROUTINES NL_set_ROUTINES NL_set_ROUTINES NL_set_ROUTINES NL_set_ROUTINES NL_set_ROUTINES Macro: NMM_CORE Definitions: NMM_CORE 0 Macro: NMM_MAX_DIM Definitions: NMM_MAX_DIM 2600 Macro: NMM_NEST Definitions: NMM_NEST 0 Macro: NNN Definitions: NNN 0 NNN 1 NNN 2 NNN 3 NNN 4 NNN 5 NNN 6 NNN 7 NNN 8 NNN 9 Macro: NNNMAX Definitions: NNNMAX 9 Macro: NONSTANDARD_SYSTEM_SUBR Definitions: NONSTANDARD_SYSTEM_SUBR Macro: PI Definitions: PI 3.141593 Macro: RESTART_STREAM Definitions: RESTART_STREAM (2*(MAX_HISTORY)+2) Macro: ROUTINENAME Definitions: ROUTINENAME alloc_space_field_core_0 ROUTINENAME alloc_space_field_core_1 ROUTINENAME alloc_space_field_core_2 ROUTINENAME alloc_space_field_core_3 ROUTINENAME alloc_space_field_core_4 ROUTINENAME alloc_space_field_core_5 ROUTINENAME alloc_space_field_core_6 ROUTINENAME alloc_space_field_core_7 ROUTINENAME alloc_space_field_core_8 ROUTINENAME alloc_space_field_core_9 Macro: ROUTINE_TYPE Definitions: ROUTINE_TYPE 'REAL' ROUTINE_TYPE 'INTEGER' ROUTINE_TYPE 'DOUBLE' ROUTINE_TYPE 'LOGICAL' ROUTINE_TYPE 'CHAR' Macro: RWORDSIZE Definitions: RWORDSIZE 4 Macro: SECONDS_PER_DAY Definitions: SECONDS_PER_DAY 86400_esmf_kind_i8 SECONDS_PER_DAY 86400_ESMF_KIND_I8 Macro: SECONDS_PER_HOUR Definitions: SECONDS_PER_HOUR 3600_esmf_kind_i8 SECONDS_PER_HOUR 3600_ESMF_KIND_I8 Macro: SECONDS_PER_MINUTE Definitions: SECONDS_PER_MINUTE 60_esmf_kind_i8 SECONDS_PER_MINUTE 60_ESMF_KIND_I8 Macro: SOLVE_END Definitions: SOLVE_END Macro: SOLVE_START Definitions: SOLVE_START Macro: SOURCE_RECORD Definitions: SOURCE_RECORD SOURCE_RECORD model_config_rec % Macro: SOURCE_REC_DEX Definitions: SOURCE_REC_DEX SOURCE_REC_DEX (id_id) SOURCE_REC_DEX (grid%id) Macro: TDIMS Definitions: TDIMS its-2,ite+2,jts-2,jte+2 Macro: TEMP_DEX Definitions: TEMP_DEX L,I,J Macro: TEMP_DIMS Definitions: TEMP_DIMS kts:kte,its:ite,jts:jte Macro: TYPE_BUFFER Definitions: TYPE_BUFFER real,allocatable :: Buffer(:) TYPE_BUFFER integer,allocatable :: Buffer(:) TYPE_BUFFER real*8,allocatable :: Buffer(:) TYPE_BUFFER TYPE_BUFFER real ,allocatable :: Buffer(:) TYPE_BUFFER real TYPE_BUFFER real*8 ,allocatable :: Buffer(:) TYPE_BUFFER real*8 TYPE_BUFFER integer TYPE_BUFFER TYPE_BUFFER character (80) Macro: TYPE_COUNT Definitions: TYPE_COUNT integer,intent(in) :: Count TYPE_COUNT TYPE_COUNT integer,parameter :: Count=1 TYPE_COUNT integer ,intent(in) :: Count TYPE_COUNT TYPE_COUNT TYPE_COUNT integer,intent(in) :: Count TYPE_COUNT integer :: Count = 1 Macro: TYPE_DATA Definitions: TYPE_DATA real,intent(out) :: Data(*) TYPE_DATA integer,intent(out) :: Data(*) TYPE_DATA real*8,intent(out) :: Data(*) TYPE_DATA logical,intent(out) :: Data(*) TYPE_DATA character*(*),intent(out) :: Data TYPE_DATA real ,intent(in) :: Data(*) TYPE_DATA integer,intent(in) :: Data(*) TYPE_DATA real*8 ,intent(in) :: Data(*) TYPE_DATA logical,intent(in) :: Data(*) TYPE_DATA character*(*),intent(in) :: Data TYPE_DATA real ,intent(in) :: Data(*) TYPE_DATA real*8,intent(in) :: Data(*) TYPE_DATA integer ,intent(in) :: Data(*) TYPE_DATA logical ,intent(in) :: Data(*) TYPE_DATA character*(*) ,intent(in) :: Data TYPE_DATA real ,intent(out) :: Data(*) TYPE_DATA real*8 ,intent(out) :: Data(*) TYPE_DATA character*(*) ,intent(out) :: Data TYPE_DATA character*(*) ,intent(out) :: Data Macro: TYPE_OUTCOUNT Definitions: TYPE_OUTCOUNT integer,intent(out) :: OutCOunt TYPE_OUTCOUNT TYPE_OUTCOUNT integer,intent(out) :: OutCount TYPE_OUTCOUNT TYPE_OUTCOUNT Macro: USE_ALLOCATABLES Definitions: USE_ALLOCATABLES Macro: VPOW Definitions: VPOW vspow Macro: VPOWX Definitions: VPOWX vspowx Macro: VREC Definitions: VREC vsrec Macro: VSQRT Definitions: VSQRT vssqrt Macro: WRFIO_NCD_LARGE_FILE_SUPPORT Definitions: WRFIO_NCD_LARGE_FILE_SUPPORT Macro: WRF_ALBERS_NAD83 Definitions: WRF_ALBERS_NAD83 105 Macro: WRF_CASSINI Definitions: WRF_CASSINI 6 Macro: WRF_CYL Definitions: WRF_CYL 5 Macro: WRF_EARTH_RADIUS Definitions: WRF_EARTH_RADIUS 6370 Macro: WRF_GAUSS Definitions: WRF_GAUSS 4 Macro: WRF_LAMBERT Definitions: WRF_LAMBERT 1 Macro: WRF_LATLON Definitions: WRF_LATLON 0 Macro: WRF_MERCATOR Definitions: WRF_MERCATOR 3 Macro: WRF_POLAR_STEREO Definitions: WRF_POLAR_STEREO 2 Macro: WRF_PORT Definitions: WRF_PORT WRF_PORT WRF_PORT WRF_PORT WRF_PORT WRF_PORT WRF_PORT WRF_PORT WRF_PORT WRF_PORT WRF_PORT WRF_PORT WRF_PORT Macro: WRF_PS_WGS84 Definitions: WRF_PS_WGS84 102 Macro: WRF_ROTLL Definitions: WRF_ROTLL 203 Macro: WSM_NO_CONDITIONAL_IN_VECTOR Definitions: WSM_NO_CONDITIONAL_IN_VECTOR WSM_NO_CONDITIONAL_IN_VECTOR Macro: XDEX Definitions: XDEX ($1-$1 ## 1+1+($1 ## 2-$1 ## 1+1)*(($2-$2 ## 1)+($3-$3 ## 1)*($2 ## 2-$2 ## 1+1))) Macro: __FILE__ Definitions: Source file name (Without directory) Macro: __LINE__ Definitions: Line number in source file Macro: mpi_x_comm_size Definitions: mpi_x_comm_size Mpi_Comm_Size ( $1,$2,$3 ) Macro: mpi_x_reduce Definitions: mpi_x_reduce MPI_Reduce($1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$6,$7,$8) End of CPP Macro listing *******************************************************************************

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