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The commands %I and %INTERACTIVE are equivalent. These commands instruct fpt to enter interactive mode after reading and analysing the Fortran input files. They are written on the operating system command line, in specification (fsp) files or in the configuration file. They have no effect when written interactively.

The %I or %INTERACTIVE commands are reversed by the commands %NONINTERACTIVE or %NON-INTERACTIVE. These commands instruct fpt to process the input files in batch mode. The behaviour of fpt is determined by the last %I, %INTERACTIVE, %NONINTERACTIVE or %NON-INTERACTIVE command encountered.

Column Format

It is recommended that column formatting be turned off in interactive mode, at least for declarations (See COLUMN FORMAT). Column formatting expands some single input source lines into columns of output lines. The line numbers used in interactive commands refer to the Fortran input files, and not to the reformatted output files. It is easier to navigate through the program text if statements are not expanded.

Where to Use this Command

Operating system command line Yes
Configuration file, config.fsp Yes
Specification (fsp) files, *.fsp Yes
Interactively, to FPT> prompt No
Interactive command files No
Embedded in the Fortran code No



(Note that defaults may be changed in the configuration file)


Command line use

$ fpt heli.for ctrlaws.for %i

fsp file use

! pwr4A.fsp 13-Dec-91 R.C.Chien fnkin.fsp mpump.fsp spump.fsp sensors.f %interactive %no column format

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