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The fpt and WinFPT Configuration File: config.fsp

The configuration file, config.fsp is used to set up site or user-specific defaults. config.fsp resides in the main fpt installation directory. The commands which it contains are executed before any commands in the fpt or WinFPT project and my be overidden by commands in the project.

The file config.fsp contains:

  1. A reference to the file user.fsp which contains the LICENSEE and KEY commands.
  2. A reference to a formatting file. This contains a detailed specification of the format of the Fortran code output by fpt. The format is usually set up interactively and saved to an fsp file by the SAVE FORMAT command. Please see Code Formatting for a detailed description. The formatting fsp file is invoked from the configuration file to set up a default format which may be overridden for a specific project.
  3. FPT commands to set up site or user-specific characteristics, such as the maximum length of file names and the default input and output file name extensions. For example: % maximum base file name length = 100 % primary input file name extension : ".f90" % include input file name extension : ".i90"


! ***************************************************************************** ! CONFIG.FSP - Configuration file ! Commands written to this file will be executed before input is read from ! the user's terminal. Ensure that the file protection allows read access. ! ***************************************************************************** ! Licensing Information ! --------------------- FPTMAIN:user.fsp ! ***************************************************************************** ! Site-specific commands ! ----------------------- ! Some suggested commands are shown but are commented out ! Allow '/' to introduce commands on the operating system command line % ACCEPT COMMAND CHARACTER '/' ! Code Format - choose one of these, or construct your own FPTMAIN:compact.fsp !!! FPTMAIN:spaced.fsp % COLUMN FORMAT ! File name characteristics %INPUT FILE NAME EXTENSION: '.for' %LOWER CASE FILE NAMES %INCLUDE INPUT FILE NAME EXTENSION: '.inc' %MAXIMUM BASE FILE NAME LENGTH = 8 %NO WARNINGS FOR NON-PRINTING CHARACTERS ! Interactive characteristics %NUMBER LINES %WINDOW 9 %DEFINE HELI: "J:\AFS\HELISIM1" ! End of CONFIG.FSP ! *****************************************************************************

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