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Instructs fpt to recognise the specified character as introducing an fpt command. The character is recognised on the operating system command line, in specification (FSP) files, or interactively.

The character '%' may be used to introduce fpt commands in all contexts except on the DOS or Win32 operating system command line. Recognition of this character cannot be disabled.

In the present version of fpt, the only alternative command character is '/'. This character must be used on the DOS or Win32 command line because '%' is intercepted by the operating system. Note that '/' should not be used in any context under Unix because it introduces a rooted directory specification. Note also that '/' cannot be used on the VMS command line because the command is then interpreted as a switch to the RUN command which launches fpt.

Where to Use this Command

Operating system command line Yes
Configuration file, config.fsp Yes
Specification (fsp) files, *.fsp Yes
Interactively, to FPT> prompt No
Interactive command files No
Embedded in the Fortran code No


The command % ACCEPT COMMAND CHARACTER: '/' is usually written in the configuration file, config.fsp, for DOS or Win32. '/' is not accepted by default under Unix, Linux or VMS.


fpt is run under Unix from the operating system command prompt by the command:

fpt amma2.fsp %no_fortran %i

Under Win32, config.fsp contains the specification:

% accept command character: '/'

and fpt is run to process the same project by the command:

fpt amma2.fsp /no_fortran /i

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