fpt and WinFPT Reference Manual - Command-line Commands

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WinFPT and fpt Installation under Microsoft Windows

The download distribution is a self-extracting executable which installs both WinFPT and comand-line fpt for Windows. Please launch it by double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer.

The installation program, which is built under Inno Setup, prompts for further information.

The distribution does not contain a licence key, and WinFPT will prompt for a key when you run it for the first time. If you downloaded WinFPT and requested a licence key it will have been generated automatically and e-mailed to you. If you did not request a key, you may return to the download page and request one now, or contact SimCon to request a key to evaluate the product. To issue a key, we ask for the following information:

The licence key generated automatically lasts for 3 days, and is provided so that you can start using WinFPT at once.

To test the installation, please run the WinFPT Q.A. Analysis tutorial, under Help | Help Topics | Tutorials.

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