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DOWN [ <integer> ] D [ <integer> ]


Moves the interactive cursor downwards by the specified number of lines. Types the code from w1 lines above the cursor to w2 lines below it, where w1 and w2 are the values set by the WINDOW command.

If no argument is specified, the cursor is moved downwards to display a range of w1+w2+1 lines so that there is a one line overlap between the last and the current section of code displayed.

The command UP moves the cursor upwards.

Where to Use this Command

Operating system command line No
Configuration file, config.fsp No
Specification (fsp) files, *.fsp No
Interactively, to FPT> prompt Yes
Interactive command files Yes
Embedded in the Fortran code No


FPT> win 5:5 ! Sets window range
FPT> type file: massmat.for 1:10 ! Displays lines 1:10
FPT> d ! Displays lines 10:20

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