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COMPARE SUB-PROGRAMS <symbol> <symbol>


fpt compares the named sub-programs. The sub-program names may be enclosed in quotation marks, and are required to be enclosed in quotation marks if they contain exotic characters such as ':' (Please see the command ACCEPT CHARACTER for the non-standard characters which occur in identifiers in some language extensions).

When the sub-programs are compared, fpt reports whether the:

Where to Use this Command

Operating system command line Yes
Configuration file, config.fsp No
Specification (fsp) files, *.fsp Yes
Interactively, to FPT> prompt Yes
Interactive command files Yes
Embedded in the Fortran code Yes


fpt is run interactively to compare sub-programs:

FPT> comp sub-p indata getdata Comparing sub-programs ---------------------- INDATA line: 28 file: D:\JOHN\FPT\FPTTEST\INDATA.FOR GETDATA line: 33 file: D:\JOHN\FPT\FPTTEST\GETDATA.FOR Sub-programs differ: ****** INDATA line: 3 DO WHILE (I .LT. NDATA) ****** GETDATA line: 2 I=1 ****** FPT> FPT> comp sub-prog simplx simplex Comparing sub-programs ---------------------- SIMPLX line: 7 file: D:\JOHN\FPT\FPTTEST\SIMPLX.FOR SIMPLEX line: 12 file: G:\OPTIM\SOURCE\SIMPLEX.FOR Headers differ *** Comments match Declarations match Names match DATA statements match Executable code is functionally identical

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